How to save energy for IE4 super premium high efficiency motor?

By 本站 2019/4/29 1:35:55

I. To Reduce Stator Loss            

The main methods to reduce the stator loss of motor are as follows:            

1. Increasing the stator groove cross-sectional area will reduce the magnetic pavement area and increase the magnetic density of the teeth under the same stator outer diameter.            

2. Increase the full slot ratio of stator slot, which is better for low-voltage small motor.            

3. Shorten the end length of stator winding as much as possible. The end loss of stator winding accounts for 1/4-1/2 of the total loss of winding. Reducing the end length of winding can improve the efficiency of motor.


II.To Reduce Rotor Loss           

Rotation loss of motor is mainly related to rotor current and rotor resistance. The energy-saving methods adopted are as follows:      1. Reducing rotor current can be considered from two aspects: increasing voltage and motor power.   

2. Increase the cross-section area of rotor slot;            

3.Reduce the resistance of the rotor winding, using thick wires and materials with low resistance.     


III. To Reduce Iron consumption            

The following measures are mainly adopted to reduce the iron consumption of motors:            

1. Reduce the magnetic density and increase the length of iron core to reduce the magnetic flux density, but the amount of iron used in motor increases accordingly.            

2. Reduce the thickness of iron chips to reduce the loss of induced current.            

3. Using cold rolled silicon steel sheet with good magnetic conductivity to reduce hysteresis loss;      4. High performance iron chip insulation coating is adopted.            

4. Heat treatment and manufacturing technology, residual stress after processing iron chips will seriously affect the loss of motor. When processing silicon steel sheets, cutting direction and punching stress have a greater impact on core loss.           


IV. To Reduce Stray-load Loss            

The main methods of reducing stray load are:            

1. Heat treatment and finishing are used to reduce the short circuit on the rotor surface.            

2. Reducing harmonics by improving stator winding design;            

3. Improve the design and coordination of rotor slot to reduce harmonics, increase the stator and rotor slots, and design the rotor slots into inclined slots; use magnetic slot mud or magnetic slot wedge to replace the traditional insulation slot wedge, and fill the stator core slot with magnetic slot mud.        


V. To Reduce Wind friction loss            

Friction losses are mainly caused by bearings and seals. The following measures are mainly adopted:

1. Reduce the shaft size to meet the requirements of output torque and rotor dynamics.      

2.High efficient bearings;            

3.Efficient lubrication systems and lubricants;            

4. Advanced sealing technology.

Taking 11 kw motor as an example, IE4 super premium high efficiency motor can save more than 1500 degrees of electricity a year compared with the IE3 high efficiency motor, and the IE3 can save more than 3400 degrees of electricity compared with the IE2 efficiency motor.

The economic benefits are considerable.