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High voltage motor

Y Series High Voltage Motor

Output Power: 160kW~3150kW

Pole: 2,4,6,8,10,12P

Voltage: 6KV, 10KV or others

Frame: 355~630

Protection Class: IP23, IP44 (duct ventilation)

Insulation Class: F, H

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Y Series High Voltage & High Efficiency Motors

3PH  160-3150kW


General purpose including machine tool, compressor. water pump. ventilator, conveyor, crushing mill, it is also used as the primitive for the mechanical industry, petroleum industry, power plant and so on.


1.Y is the fundamental series, the protection grade is IP23, cooling method is IC01.

2.The frame is made of steel plate being welded up into form of square shape with light weight and firm rigidity.

3.The stator with outer-press-assembly structure, it is made of F-grade insulation and electric-crown proof material.

4.A special banding technology is used for winding end part fastening. 

5. The whole stator is treated by VPI with F-grade insulation technology, by this means motor will possess good and reliable insulation property and moisture proof, anti-inpact capability.

Use Condition:

1. Sutibale Places: Indoor or outdoor、no dangerous gas environment

2. Ambient temperature: -15~+40℃

3. Altitude: Below 1000m

4. Protection Class: IP23、IP44(duct ventilation)

5. Insulation Class: F、H

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