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IEC/NEMA motor

JM/JP close coupled pump motor

Out Power:1HP~60 HP 

Inverter Duty Rated: 20:1VT 

Service Factor: up to 1.2 

Design: "B" or "A" Protection 

Degree: IP55 

Enclosure: TEFC

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                                     JM/JP Close Coupled Pump Motor– 1-60 HP


JM and JP close coupled pump TEFC electric motors are designed for continuous duty fluid circulation and transfer applications ranging from treatment plants to swimming pools.  

 JM/JP close coupled pump motors feature a high service factor (up to 1.25 which more effectively allows pumps to start under excessive load or poor supply conditions. 

JM and JP electric motors are also equipped with oversized double-shielded bearings on both ends, vacuum pressure impregnation, IP55 protection.


1. Inverter Duty Rated:  20:1VT

2. Service Factor:  up to 1.2
3. Design:  "B" or "A"
4. Protection Degree:  IP55
5. Enclosure:  TEFC
6. VPI process applied for best electrical performance
7. High lock rotor torque
8. Dual rated for 190/380V 50 Hz
9. Oversized bearings on both ends
10. Mechanically locked on shaft
11. Class “F” insulation with Class “B” rise
12. Rigid cast iron frame
13. Steel fan guard
14. F1 mounting position
15. Drain plugs
16. Designed for horizontal and vertical application
17. CSA-US certified, DOE approved and CE marked


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