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IEC/NEMA motor

NEMA Design D Oil Well Pump Motor

Out Power:3~150HP 

Service Factor: 1.15 

Design: High Torque “D” Protection 

Degree: IP55 

Enclosure: TEFC Rigid cast iron construction and junction box 

High slip: 5-8%

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NEMA Design D Oil Well Pump Motors– 3-150 HP

3PH TEFC 60 Hz NEMA AC Foot Mounted Motors 


Designed with greater versatility and added benefit, Design D motors are ideal for pump jack and other oil field applications that require a high slip performance.

Design "D" Oil Well Pump electric motors perform under grueling oil field industry conditions. Designed for beam pumping units, punch presses and similar applications that demand high slip and high torque electric motor solutions.

Design "D" electric motors feature epoxy coating, vacuum pressure impregnation for optimal electrical performance, oversized regreasable bearings on both drive ends. 


1. Service Factor: 1.15
2. Design: High Torque “D”
3. Protection Degree: IP55
4. Enclosure: TEFC Rigid cast iron construction and junction box
5. High slip: 5-8%
6. Corrosion resistant epoxy coated
7. F2 assembly standard (convertible to F1)
8. Rated 208-230/460V 60Hz up to 405T, 230/460V 60Hz for 444T and up, 230/460/796V 60Hz is available
9. VPI process applied for best electrical performance
10. Double delta/delta connection (12 leads)
11. Steel fan guard
12. Oversized regreasable bearings on both ends
13. Double drilled feet
14. Drainage holes at motor’s lowest point
15. Grounding terminal inside junction box and on frame
16. PTC thermistors in windings
17. CSA-US approved and CE marked

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