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IEC/NEMA motor

NEMA Premium Efficient Motors

Output Power:1HP~250HP
AC Voltage(V):460V or others
Frequency(Hz):50Hz or 60Hz
Frame size:143T~449T
Protection Class:IP55

Insulation Class:F

Efficiency: NEMA Premium

Warranty: 3-years 

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All-Purpose Premium Efficient 1~250HP NEMA Motors

3PH TEFC 60/50Hz NEMA AC Foot Mounted and C-Face Motors


All-Purpose Premium Efficient NEMA motors are ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications including fans and blowers, pumps, conveyors, crushers, compressors, mixers and more.

IP55 protection, a TEFC rigid cast iron construction, and dual rated 190/380V 50Hz with 3 years warranty, our motors provide peace-of-mind performance in typical applications.


1. Inverter Duty Rated: 5:1CT & 10:1VT

2.Service Factor: 1.15

3.Design: "B"

4.Protection Class: IP55

5.Enclosure: TEFC Rigid Cast Iron Frame

6. VPI applied for best electrical performance

7.Corrosion resistant epoxy coated

8. F1/F2 Convertible

9. Oversized bearings on both ends (444T and up DE Roller Bearing)

10. 230/460V 60Hz, usable at 208V (444T and up 460V only)

11. Double rated for 190/380v 50Hz

12. Suitable for Y/Delta starting and part winding starting

13. Double drilled feet

14.Class "F" insulation with rise below Class "B"

15. CSA-US certified, DOE approved, CE marked

A variety of electric motor modifications are available from our modification center including non-standard voltages, flanges, bearings, blowers, higher service factor, drip covers, space heaters and more.

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