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IEC/NEMA motor

Smart Control Induction AC Motor

Power: 0.18-7.5kW       Frequency:25-60Hz

Efficiency level: GB18613-2012 Level 3  (IE2)

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YZNP2 series intelligent control three-phase asynchronous motor

power level covers 0.18-7.5kW, frequency conversion range 25-100Hz (25-50Hz is variable torque frequency modulation, 50-60Hz is constant power frequency modulation), energy efficiency level IE2, that is GB18613-2012 Level 3 energy efficiency, protection level IP55, F level insulation. YZNP2 series motors are different from ordinary frequency conversion motor system, but highly integrated motor and frequency converter into an organic whole. They have the advantages of small size, light weight, wide frequency conversion range and stable performance. They can be widely used in fan, water pump, compressor, CNC machine tools and other industries. They are new products in line with the current trend of intelligent development. 


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