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What Douli Do

We have over 60 YEARS of experience in the development and production of ELECTRIC MOTORS

Starting from design integration, prototyping to mass production. We can bring in-depth expertise in manufacturing, quality control, and new technology to your demands and provide the finest, most reliable products available. 

DOULI & WN team has strict quality control procedures to ensure our product goes to customers functioning safely and competitively. The customer QA team will follow up carefully each one of the product at the assembly line and test meticulously before shipping.

 As a professional OEM&ODM services provider, our motors have many of its products certified by CSA, UL, CE, CCC and RoHS.

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Who can become our distributor?

We continue to look for business partners that are willing and capable of selling and servicing our motors in new markets. 

How to become our distributor?

Let us know your requirements or provide us with the fiscal ( We offer reliable products customized to your requirements, and pre and post-sale support, and Customer-oriented approach. 

We believe that our partner’s success is crucial for a long-term partnership, so we take a lot of care of our distributors. It will be our pleasure to help you find the best solution for your market!

Development Plan

Step 1: Motor Selection

Whether it’s a new or existing motor application, work with Douli Power to design a motor  based on your specific requirements. Take advantage of our decades of experience and expertise to set your project on the path to success!

Step 2: Engagement

Based on your motor design requirements, we will determine the optimal production facility to meet your OEM requirements.

Once the design is finalized and the proposed motor meets your requirements, a cost analysis is developed.

Step 3: Budgetary Pricing

In order to provide you with the most cost effective and efficient process possible, we package our pricing in an easy to read statement. This budgetary pricing package includes:

Unit cost for samples and production quantities

Sample and production lead times

Applicable NRE charges

Applicable agency certification charges

Step 4: Application Development Meetings

From the design through the implementation of your motor project, Douli Power will work closely with you on all aspects of the development plan.

The application development meetings include:

Developing project timelines & action registers

Establishing a qualification process & test plans

Refining quality control plans

Beginning the production process

Douli Power's Company Value


Customer Focus

Our mission is to aid the sustainable growth of our customers businesses.

Focus on meeting each customer's specific needs and process efficiencies that empower our employees and benefit our clients.

Cost Down

Professional maker-friendly supply chain from purchasing to shipping in order to reduce the cost of customers and adding value to stay more competitive. 


Build an amicable win-win relationship with all of our customers and suppliers.

Build a positive team environment.


Maintain the highest level of integrity and fairness at all times.


Treat others with the utmost respect and dignity.


Deliver value through highest quality of service, cost, and responsiveness.

Profitably grow through innovation, adaptability, and flexibility.

Always make good better.

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