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Single Phase VS Three Phase Power

2018-01-22 16:34:18

Single Phase Power:

1.Single phase voltage is 220 volts.

2.There are two lines, one is the live wire, a zero line. 220 volts of electricity as civil electricity, or electricity small machinery.

3.Two phase motor drive and servo is divided into two categories. The use of the majority of home appliances and small electric appliances in induction motor is a two-phase motor drive.

Three Phase Power:

1.Three phase is the phase to phase voltagebetween A.B.C to 380V.

2.U, V, W is called a three-phase, voltage phase line voltage.

3.There have four lines, of which three is the root of Fire Wire, a zero line; the 380 volts of electricity is electricity for industrial use.

4.Three phase asynchronous motor consists of stator and rotor, stator winding which is a three-phase symmetric winding, using symmetric power supply.


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