What difference between IE2 and IE3 motor

By 本站 2018/2/21 16:17:17

IE3 power range: 0.12~375kW, frame size: 63-355

IE2 power range: 0.18~375kW, frame size: 80-355

Voltage and frequency: IE3/YE3 series motor rated voltage is 380V, frequency is 50Hz,

3KW (4HP) and below Y connection, other power was delta connection (or as request).

Protection level: IE2=IP54

IE3=IP55, which improves the ability of the motor to dust and waterproof.

Efficiency:IE3 average value is 91.5%, IE2 average value is 87%. 

Engergy-saving Data Contrast: 7.5KW, 4-pole motor

Note: The above all are calculated value of electromagnetism.

Annual mean theory of Energy-saving analyze(Suppose that 1 year has 350 days and 1 day has 20 hours)   

IE3: YE3-132M-4: Annual remote control running for 1 year: T1=7.5/0.915×20×350=57377 degree 

IE2: YX3-132M-4: Annual remote control running for 1 year: T2=7.5/0.901×20×350=58269 degree

T2-T1=892 degree

From the above data, we can see that: one 7.5KW motor which has Grade 1 energy efficiency can save 892 degree than Grade 2.   

From the above data list, we can see that normal motors’ efficiency and power factor are both lower, especially the power factor, this made the motor have lager current and cannot save energy. While high efficiency motors have higher efficiency and highly improved the power factor, and make all system saving energy.