How to Manufacturing of High Voltage (HV) Coils

By 本站 2018/6/26 9:54:18

1. Winding

High-voltage motor according to the voltage level needs to choose a variety of specifications such as Bis-imine, monoimine wire package flat wire, material is available in the winding machine made into shuttle coil. Pay attention to the flatness, tightness and insulation of the wire when winding. 

2.Preform wrap up 

High-voltage motor shuttle coil winding system, with white ribbon wrapped in the form of flat pack. The purpose is to protect the coil outer insulation, interlayer insulation, turn-to-turn insulation from damage. In the pull-free Mold, fixture, nose pin and other friction, to prevent loose deformation.


Draw the shuttle-shaped coil into a frame-shaped coil by means of a stretching machine. The frame-shaped coil is based on the inner and outer circles of the motor stator core to form a centripetal angular coil. Make sure both ends are of the same length and the straight line length is accurate when drawing.


The pull type coil is put on the shaping mill for shaping. The shaped coil shall be trimmed to conform to and level off the sizing die. Plastic surgery must pay attention to the knock, not to damage the insulation between the layers. 

5.Drying and pressing turn-to-turn 

After shaping the coil, place it on the adjusted die and press it at 120 °C for 15 minutes (keep the same height at the time of pressing) . After pressing, check whether it is pressed firmly.

6.Inter turn test 

Make 2U + 2.5 kv according to the standard, impact five times.

7.Make the end of the thread and wrap the main insulation 

Keep the bottom thread head parallel when making thread ends. The insulation of the wire head is: (6 kv half-pack 6-layer mica plus one layer of polyester flat belt, 10 kv half-pack 8-layer, the length is 2 / 3 of the end) . The main insulation is wrapped with a half-stack to the width of the Groove, and a layer of heat-shrinkable tape and a layer of polyester flat tape are added. Five indenters on the way. Over. FIVE-LAYERED MICA FOR NASAL PAD. Half-stack even. 

8.Voltage withstand test for main insulation 

Do 2.75 U + 4.5 kv test before winding assembly according to standard.


each coil and stator windings of high voltage motors undergoes a strict quality control process