How do I select the motor cooling method?

By 本站 2020/2/21 15:27:58

The motor cooling method involving various factors such as cost, installation space and ventilation and heat dissipation effects,and includes the nature of the cooling medium, the arrangement of various cooling circuits and the driving mode of the cooling medium, so how to choose the motor cooling method according to the actual working condition is important.

How to choose cooling mode for variable frequency motor ?
According to the specific load characteristics, the variable-frequency adjustable speed motor usually uses several cooling modes, such as IC411, IC416, IC611, IC616, IC666, IC86W, etc. the wise and reasonable suggestion is: according to the specific situation, the reasonable selection of cooling mode not only reduce the purchase cost, but also reduce the operation cost.

How to select cooling mode for Constant torque load?
The load characteristics are constant torque below the base speed and constant power above the base speed. That is to say, in the process of low-frequency starting and low-frequency operation, the variable-frequency speed regulating motor still outputs a large torque (rated torque). At this time, if the cooling mode with its own fan (such as IC411, IC611) is adopted, because of the low speed and the deterioration of cooling conditions, the motor heating is very serious, so it is necessary to add an independent forced cooling fan to the motor to ensure the safe operation of all frequency bands.

How to choose the motor cooling method when load of fans and pumps?           
When the driving load of variable frequency motor is fan and pump load, the load torque changes with the square of rotation speed (TL ∝ N2). The load torque is very small when the motor is running at low speed, the output power of motor shaft is very low, and the heat output is also very small. There is no need to worry about the heat dissipation when the variable frequency motor is running at low speed. You can choose the cooling mode IC411 and IC611 with internal and external fans.
So it is necessary to choose the right cooling method according to the characteristics of the driving load and the difference of the using environment to ensure the safe and economic operation.