Motor Cooling Methods

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Overview of common motor cooling methods:

IC01:Self-ventilated with integral fan cooling(DP),

Cooling air is blown through the motor by a fan mounted on the shaft.

IC11:Self-ventilating with inlet ducts.

IC21:self ventilation with air outlet pipe

IC31:Self-ventilation with inlet and outlet ducts

IC37:Double pipe ventilated(TEPV)

Inlet and outlet ducts and independent or separate blower or coolant pressure source

IC410Totally enclosed nonventilated (TENV)

Cooling without using a fan,only by natural ventilation and radiation on the totally enclosed motor surface.

IC411:Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)

Cooling air is blown across the motor through the pope connection with a separate customer provided external blower fan and discharges on the other side to open space.

IC416: External surface cooling(TEFV)

Cooling air is blown over the totally enclosed motor surface by an separately excited fan motor.

IC611:totally enclosed fan cooling and self ventilation, heat exchanger (air to air) installed on the motor

IC616:fully enclosed internal air self-circulation with independent blower heat exchanger (air to air) on the motor

IC666:motor with totally enclosed cooling air internal circulation with independent air / air cooler.

IC81W:totally enclosed air-cooled self ventilation, heat exchanger (air to water) on the motor, and water circulation is powered by independent water pump or water system.

IC86W:fully enclosed motor with a separate air/water cooler.


But what’s the cooling symbol mean?

The cooling medium code is “flag letter” + “cooling circuit arrangement code” + “primary cooling medium code” + “primary cooling medium motion pushing method” + “secondary cooling medium code” + “secondary cooling medium motion driving method”.


Taking IC86w as an example, the complete mark is IC8A6W7, which means: "IC" is the sign letter (international general cooling symbol), "8" represents the external cooler (with remote medium), "a" "6" indicates that the primary cooling medium is driven by an independent component, "W" indicates that the secondary cooling medium is water, "7" indicates that the secondary cooling medium is driven by a separate independent component or cooling medium system pressure (the cooling medium is water and the pushing method is 7, and the number 7 can be omitted)

Here is DC motor cooling method: