Performance Requirements for Motors Operating in Plateau Environment

By 本站 2021/4/6 13:59:06

What are the special performance requirements for motors operating in Plateau Environment?


The ambient temperature, humidity and altitude have a great influence on the heat dissipation of the motor, and the most direct influence is on the temperature rise performance.

The basic conditions for the normal operation of the electric motor, such as the sea level is not more than 1000 meters, the ambient temperature is - 15-40 , and the humidity is not more than 80% etc..

When one of the conditions exceeds the specified range, the motor may have abnormal quality problems. In fact, there is only one fundamental reason: the condition of ventilation and heat dissipation has deteriorated and deviated from the design expectation.


When the motor is running in plateau environment, (the plateau air is relatively thin), the air flow that can be maintained by the motor ventilation and heat dissipation system has a fundamental change: the pressure and density decrease. Therefore,with the elevation above the normal level, the temperature rise will increase in proportion.

The direct impact is that the reliability and efficiency index of the motor winding become worse, motor output power becomes smaller. However, when the temperature decreases with the increase of altitude, it can compensate the adverse effect of altitude on the temperature rise to a certain extent, and the rated output power of the motor may not have much effect.