Aluminum Motor VS Cast Iron Motor

By 本站 2021/4/6 15:24:20

What are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum casing and cast iron casing for motor?

Aluminum Motor

Advantages:light weight, good heat dissipation, good thermal conductivity, easy die-casting, good plasticity, elongation higher than iron, low noise, good movement stability

Disadvantages:high price, low hardness, suitable for installation in the place where not much effort.

Cast iron motor:

Advantages: high hardness, resistance to external pressure, not easy to deformation, low price, can be installed in some work force and poor environment place.

Disadvantages:heavy weight, poor thermal conductivity, not easy die-casting, the plasticity and elongation are all lower than aluminum casting. Its noisy and less stable than aluminum.

Aluminum housing for small electrical machines is considered in the following ways:

1. Aluminum has a lower density, which reduces the weight of the whole machine.

2. Aluminum conducts heat better than iron, which helps the motor dissipate heat.

3. Aluminum low strength, easy processing and manufacturing, saving processing costs.


We know that in the AC motor, the casting does not involved in the motor circuit and magnetic circuit conduction, it will not affect the electrical performance of the motor, only in the mechanical performance.

The height above 225 has almost no aluminum casting, because of poor mechanical strength. 

Height  63 to 160(225) of the motor, both cast iron and aluminum casting. 

These two materials should have no significant effect on the overall performance of the motor.

The difference between cast iron or aluminum for motor housing:

1. cast iron housing motor , durable, stand the knock, high mechanical strength. Disadvantages: its weight is relatively heavy, easy to rust, heat than aluminum poor.

2.aluminum housing motor, beautiful, not easy to rust, easy processing, good heat dissipation. But the mechanical strength is poor, the cost and the corresponding price bothr high,.

3. In electrical performance, whether the motor shell is cast iron or aluminum are the same