How to choose the rated voltage of the motor in practical application?

By 本站 2023/3/14 14:19:02

     Rated voltage is a very important parameter of motors. Motors with the same power can have different voltage levels; Such as 220V, 380V, 400V, 420V, 440V, 660V and 690V in low-voltage motors, and 3000V, 6000V and 10000V in high-voltage motors. When selecting the motor, the user should reasonably match the motor according to the power supply voltage of the actual place of use.    

For small power motors, more low-voltage motors are chosen, and for customers with a small range of voltage adjustment facilities, dual-voltage motors can also be chosen, such as 220/380V and 380/660V three-phase asynchronous motors, which can realize the control of starting and running through the conversion of the motor stator wiring method.
    For large power motors, most of them use high-voltage motors, according to the actual situation can choose 3000V, 6000V and 10000V high-voltage motors, of which, 6000V and 10000V motors can omit the transformer, but 3000V motors must also have a transformer, also in view of this reason, there is little demand for 3000V high-voltage motors in the market. 6000V and 10000V high voltage motors are also more able to reflect the advantages of motor high voltage.

   When you can choose high-voltage or low-voltage motors at the same time, you can compare the analysis of procurement and operating costs, but also from the analysis of the motor energy efficiency level, combined with the actual frequency of use to make a comprehensive choice.

From the actual analysis of post-maintenance, there are some areas of repair units do not necessarily have the repair facilities or technology of high-voltage motors, in the motor power allows the conditions, the choice of low-voltage motor may be more appropriate, and for the post-maintenance maintenance conditions better users, the choice of high-voltage motor is also a very wise choice, at least, the relatively small size of high-voltage motor will greatly save the overall material costs of the equipment, but also Save the cost of transformer facilities.