YBBP explosion proof variable frequency adjustable speed motor

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Frame:80~355Rated Power:0.18~315kW


Explosion-proof Variable-frequency Adjustable-speed Motors

3PH TEFC 0.18~315kW  AC Motors

Rated Voltage:380V, 660V,  380/660V

2,4 Pole Frequency:(3)5 ~60, 100Hz

6,8,10 Pole Frequency: (3)5 ~100Hz


Ideal for the coal mine where methane and coal dust may be present(Ex dⅠ)and dangerous explosion areas(Ex dⅡAT4、dⅡBT4)in the plant with the classⅡA, ⅡB and temperature T1~T4 flammable gas.


1.Stepless adjustable speed operation in a wide range

2.Good performance of the system, energy saving

3.High-grade insulation material and special technological withstand high frequency pulse impact

4.Separate fan for forced- ventilation

5.cost savings-along with the traditional VFD benefits of energy savings

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