YKK High Voltage Motor

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YKK 6KV:H710~1000 3150~9000KW10KV:H450~630 315~2240KW


YKK High Voltage Three Phase Motor



General purpose including compressor, water pump, crack machine, cut machine, transportation machine and other equipments. 

It is also used as the primitive drive for the mine mechanical industry, petroleum & chemistry industry, power plant and so on.


1. The motor has the box-type construction, which was made up of steel plate welded with each other, lightweight and good stiffness.

2. On the top of the motor is the air-air cooler, convenient to maintenance and replacement.

3. The stator adopts the press construction.

4. The winding with class F insulation and VPI impregnating, which ensure the reliable of the insulation, the mechanical stress and the capable of resistant humidity.



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