YL, YLKK Medium Size Vertical 6KV 10KV Motor

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YL,YLKK series (6KV):220KW~2800KW(10KV):315KW~1800KW


YL,YLKK series Medium Size Vertical Type Three Phase Asynchronous Motors

General Description:

YL, YLKK series medium size high voltage, three phase asynchronous motors mounting dimensions and tolerance are coincident with GB755 <Rotating electric motor found mental technical requirement>.


1.The construction of these series is a world wide current tank shape. 

2.The motors grime is made of steel plate and welded into a form, thus the rigidly is good and with a light weight.

3.The stator with outer-press-assembly structure is adopted.

4. The motor's rotor copper conductors and end rings adopt mid frequency welding when its rotor adopt copper-cage rotor, the rotor copper conductors are featured by high reliability via dealing with tightening craft in trough.

Use Condition:

1. Sutibale Places: Indoor or outdoor、no dangerous gas environment 

2. Ambient temperature: -15~+40℃

3. Altitude: Below 1000m

4. Protection Class: IP44、IP54、IP55

5. Insulation Class: F、H

6. Mounting: IMV1

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