DC Motors

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Z4 series DC motor:H100~450 1.5~600kwZ series DC motor:H500~710 310~1600kwExcitation Mode: Separately excited



It is suitable for all kinds of mechanical transmission, such as metallurgy, machine tool, paper making, printing, textile, printing and dyeing, cement and other industries.


stable, good speed performance, achieve reduce armature voltage constant torque down speed or decrease excitation current constant power to speed, speed range wide, high, low rotating speed ratio up to 1:200; has the advantages of small volume, light weight; high power output, overload capacity.

Condition of use:

1. above sea level, no more than 1000m. The ambient temperature is not more than +40C;

2. working environment should not be acidic, alkaline or other corrosive effect of the insulation Gas.

3. The motor is supplied by a static rectifying power supply, and it can also be supplied by a direct current generator.

4. standard excitation voltage 180V, allow forced excitation, strong motion voltage not exceeding 500V.

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