NEMA Stainless Steel Motor

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High Quality 304 Material


Premium Efficient Stainless Steel NEMA Motors

3PH TEFC 60Hz NEMA AC C-Face Footed and Round Body Washdown Motors


Premium Efficient TC Frame Stainless Steel NEMA motors are designed to meet the sever-duty sanitation requirements for food-grade and high pressure washdown motor applications. 

Available in TC-Frame sizes,  interior anti-corrosion resistant coated, and are 100% TEFC 300 series stainless steel constructed for pharmaceutical, food  & beverage processing and packaging industries.


1. Inverter Duty Rated: 3:1CT & 5:1VT

2.Service Factor: 1.15

3.Design: "B" or "C"

4.Protection Class: IP55

5.Enclosure: TEFC 

6. VPI process applied for best electrical performance

7. C-Face with or without feet

8. PTC140 thermistors standard for 180 frame and up

9.Continuous duty- Washdown duty

10. Sealed bearing

11. Squirrel cage rotor

12. 300 series stainless steel motor construction

13. 12-Gauge puddle welded base on footed motors

14. Anti-corrosion coating applied

15. DE and NDE drain holes holes every 90o

16. F1 assembly

17.Class "F" insulation with rise below Class "B"

18. CSA-US certified, CE marked


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