IEC Stainless Steel Motor

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IEC SS motor 0.18-7.5 KWIP55 IP67 TEFC TENV


 IEC Stainless Steel Motors – 0.18-7.5 KW

B3  B5  B14  B34  B35   IP55  IP67  IP69K  TEFC   TENV



1.Stainless steel frame: high polished Premium 304 Material

2.Welding Technique: Precision Robotic TIG welded inside the frame without welds vestige outside

3.Extra deep rabbetted fits: Extra deep rabbetted for 100% concentricity and sealing (explosion proof tolerances)

4.Stainless steel endshield: precision machined from premium 304 stainless steel and end-shield is fitted by long bolts,it is easily to disassembly

5.Housing: the housing which matched with convex bolt and stainless steel thread, nicelooking and easily disassembly

6.EXTRA DEEP TREATMENT: special "O" rings proprietary submersible style "O" ring construction on the end shields for double the protection against of water

7.Frame to conduit box: Epoxy encapsulated head entrance conduit box to pisitively keep chemicals and moisture from entering motor

8.Conduit box cover: Conduit box cover with seal simply twists on or off for quick and easy installation and maintains

9.Entrance connector: IP55 submersible style cable gland is provided as standard

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