IEC Stainless Steel Motor

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IEC SS motor 0.18-7.5 KWIP55 IP67 TEFC TENV


 IEC Stainless Steel Motors – 0.18-7.5 KW

B3  B5  B14  B34  B35   IP55  IP67  IP69K  TEFC   TENV



1.Stainless steel frame: high polished Premium 304 Material,smooth surfaces, no blind spots.

2.Welding Technique: Precision Robotic TIG welded inside the frame without welds vestige outside

3.Extra deep rabbetted fits: Extra deep rabbetted for 100% concentricity and sealing (explosion proof tolerances)

4.Stainless steel endshield: precision machined from premium 304 stainless steel and end-shield is fitted by long bolts,it is easily to disassembly

5.Housing: the housing which matched with convex bolt and stainless steel thread, nicelooking and easily disassembly

6.EXTRA DEEP TREATMENT: special "O" rings proprietary submersible style "O" ring construction on the end shields for double the protection against of water

7.Frame to conduit box: Epoxy encapsulated head entrance conduit box to pisitively keep chemicals and moisture from entering motor

8.Conduit box cover: Conduit box cover with seal simply twists on or off for quick and easy installation and maintains

9.Entrance connector: IP55 submersible style cable gland is provided as standard.

We offer stainless steel motors with IP69K protection class, suitable for food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.
IP69K is the highest protection class for electrical equipment, it can resist dust, water, steam, and high temperatures. It is based on a series of tests that simulate high-pressure and high-temperature water jets.

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