Multi Speed Motors

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Output Power:0.45kW~82kWPole:4/2, 6/4, 8/4, 8/6, 12/6, 6/4/2, 8/4/2, 8/6/4, 12/8/6/4


Pole-changing Three Phase Induction Motors


Pole:4/2, 6/4, 8/4, 8/6, 12/6, 6/4/2, 8/4/2, 8/6/4, 12/8/6/4
Voltage(V):380V or others
Frequency(Hz):50Hz or 60Hz
Frame size:80~280
Protection Class:IP54
Insulation Class:F


Widely used in such industry which have step changes of rotational speed to meet the requirements of load character, as machine tools, mining, metallurgy, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical industry and agricultural machinery,etc.


1.Simplify speed-changing systems by changing the connection to obtain different output and speed.

2.Pole-changing mode: double, three or four speed

3. Enclosure:  TEFC

4. VPI process applied for best electrical performance

5. Class “F” insulation

6.Protection class: IP54

7.Rotation direction: CW (instandard), CCW (order remarks)

8. All motors provided with CE mark  

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