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High voltage motor

YRKK Series Medium Size High Voltage Three Phase Induction Motor

Output Power: 185kW~2000kW

Pole: 4,6,8,10,12P

Voltage: 6KV, 10KV or others

Frame: 355~630

Protection Class: IP44, IP54, IP55 

Insulation Class: F, H

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YRKK Series Medium Size High Voltage Three-Phase Induction Motors




General purpose including machine tool, compressor, water pump, ventilator, conveyor, crushing mill, It is also used as the primitive for the mechanical industry, petroleum industry,power plants, steel industry, cement industry and so on. 


1.YR series motor has the box-type construction, which was made up of steel plate welded with each other, lightweight and good stiffness. 

2.On top of the motor is the protective cover, convenient to maintenance and replacement. 

3.The stator adopts the press construction; the winding with class F insulation and VPI impregnating, which ensure the reliable of the insulation, the mechanical stress and the capable of resistant humidity. 

4.The basical protection class is IP23; IP54 motor can be supplied according to requirement.

5. YR series medium size 6kV 3-phase slip-ring asynchronous motors are the optimized series motors of JTEM.established on the basis of our many years experience of essing and manufacturing motors and technology introduced from American WESTING-HOUSE,for upgrading the old JR series.

 6.YR series medium size 10kV 3-phase slip-ring asynchronous motors are JTEM’S another new series products.established on the basis of our experience of designing and manufacturing 6kV 3-phase slip-ring asynchronous motors.

7.These series motors can be direct coupled 10kV electrical net. There are more advantages than 6kV motors,for example reducing equipments ,running security,saving cost,and downing losses.

Use Condition:

1. Sutibale Places: Indoor or outdoor、no dangerous gas environment 

2. Ambient temperature: -15~+40℃

3. Altitude: Below 1000m

4. Protection Class: IP44、IP54、IP55

5. Insulation Class: F、H

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