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IEC/NEMA motor

IE4 Super Premium Efficiency motor

Output Power:0.37kW~400kW  H: 80M~355L

Efficiency level:IE4

Voltage(V):380V/50Hz or as request
Protection Class:IP55,56
Insulation Class:F

Warranty: 3-years 

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All Purpose IE4 Efficiency



Designed to meet international standards as replacement motors for overseas applications and machinery such as pumps, conveyors, fans, crushers, compressors, mixers and more. 


1. The efficiency value fully achieve the energy IEC60034-30 and GB18613-2012 standard. 

2. Protection Degree:  IP55 (IP56,IP65 as request) 

3.Winding designs can support several kinds of voltage and frequency (50 or 60Hz). 

4. Enclosure:  TEFC  

5.PTC,PT100 and other thermal elements can be chose to protect winding and bearings. 

6.Heater can be chose to prevent moisture. 

7.Withstand 1.5 times of rated current for 2 minutes. 

8.B3 F oot Mount, B14,B5 Flange Mount,B35 Foot+Flange Mount. 

9.Terminal box to have provisions for rotating in 90 degree increments for ease of conduit connection.


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