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IEC/NEMA motor

YE3 IE3 premium efficiency motor

Output Power:0.55kW~375kW  H: 80M~355L

Efficiency level:IE3 

Voltage(V):380V/50Hz or as request
Protection Class:IP55
Insulation Class:F

Warranty: 3-years 

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All Purpose IE3 Efficiency



Designed to meet international standards as replacement motors for overseas applications and machinery such as pumps, conveyors, fans, crushers, compressors, mixers and more.


1. Inverter Duty Rated:  2:1CT & 10:1VT at 380V 50 Hz

2. Protection Degree:  IP55

3. Enclosure:  TEFC

4. High lock rotor torque

5. VPI process applied for best electrical performance

6. IEC132 frame and larger suitable for Y/Delta starting

7. Nameplate rated 380V 50 Hz or 400V 50Hz

8. Oversized ball bearings on both ends for direct coupling

9. Class “F” insulation

10. Junction box equipped with glands

11. F2 mounting position, F1, F3 is available too

12. Bidirectional fan

13. All motors provided with CE mark

14.The efficiency value fully achieve the energy efficiency level3 IE3 with IEC60034-30 

<Single speed 3-PH squirrel cage induction motor efficiency classification>

15. The energy efficiency level 2 in GB18613-2012 

<Energy efficiency limits and energy efficiency grades of small and Medium-sized three phase asynchronous motors>



IEC Frame Metric motors are designed to meet international standards (including GB18613-212, EISA2007 and IE3 efficiency requirements) and are “the” replacement motors for overseas applications and machinery components.

Our IEC frame motors offer vacuum pressure impregnation for optimal electrical performance, oversized bearings on both ends for direct coupling, IP55 protection. Select from B3, B5, V1, B35, B14 or B34 mounting to replace or import in a variety of applications from pumps, conveyors, fans and more.  Larger Metric Motors, up to 2000kW, are also available upon request.

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